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We build inclusive innovation ecosystems through training, consulting, coaching, and events.

We are leaders in driving diversity and inclusion solutions globally and have worked with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, startups, and venture capital firms over the years. We partner with clients as extensions of your team—working together to develop diverse, equitable, and inclusive teams, culture, processes, and products.

Our Approach


Achieving true diversity, equity, and inclusion requires correcting systemic structural and cultural issues across the ecosystem. We focus on solutions and engage stakeholders across organizations and industries to drive foundational behavioral and organizational change.


Change in culture happens when we improve systems and processes and develop programs that foster individual and collective behavior change. Our solutions are data- and research-based, incorporating behavioral science and organizational change strategies to catalyze lasting change.

for All

Technology, products, and services should be built by and for the diverse world we live in. We are an intersectionally diverse team that works with our clients to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion across all genders, races, ethnicities, LGBTQIA+, disabilities, ages, religions, regions, castes, and intersectionalities.

Our Client Work


Our Change Catalyst founders have spoken on hundreds of stages globally. We speak at all-hands events, executive and leadership retreats, team offsites, industry conferences, and startup programs.

Learning & Development Programming

We design and develop custom educational programs that meet people where they are and facilitate behavior change over time across your organization.

Inclusive Events

We build radically inclusive events and help our clients do these same. Work with a team that created and hosted one of the most diverse and inclusive events in tech for six years across the globe.


We design customized learning and development solutions that integrate with your current strategy and culture and meet people where they are to drive individual and organizational change.  Some of our training topics include:
Allyship Training
Allyship vs Accomplice
Building Inclusive Teams
How to be an Ally
Leading With Empathy & Allyship for Executives

Inclusive Leadership Coaching

We work 1:1 with leaders to grow their inclusive leadership skills, understand and interrupt biases and microaggressions, better support their teams, and help drive diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our Projects

Leading with Empathy & Allyship

Join us each week for deep, real conversations about how we can all be more inclusive leaders in our workplaces and communities on the  Leading With Empathy & Allyship series. In intimate conversations with advocates, activists, and allies, host Melinda Briana Epler provides a safe space to learn, build empathy for each other, and understand tangible actions we can all take.

Icon Project

Icon Project programs create wellness and leadership development opportunities in the lives of Black and Brown men in tech. Our programs consist of a fellows program, community network, annual virtual summit, and a fund to access mental health and coaching opportunities through our partner network.

Building Inclusive Innovation Ecosystems


Change Catalyst provides free tools and solutions for developing an inclusive innovation ecosystem. From creating a diverse workforce to empowering underrepresented startup founders, these getting started guides offer best practices for making your company, program, or tech ecosystem more diverse and inclusive.

Tech Inclusion

Change Catalyst was the home of Tech Inclusion for over 6 years! Our team traveled the globe to convene, explore, and develop innovative solutions to tech diversity and inclusion through roundtables, summits, inclusive conferences, and career fairs. You can find out more about this work at

View & Download Our 5 Year Impact Report

Change Catalyst 5 year impact report

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Melinda Allyshipa

Our Clients

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Why Choose Us?

We are leaders in diversity, equity, and inclusion with 40+ years of experience developing business innovation and inclusion solutions with startups, public companies, NGOs, and investors.

We take an ecosystem approach, incorporating culture and behavior change strategies with storytelling and engagement to catalyze deep and lasting change. We’ve worked across the US and globally with clients around the world, developing customized solutions.

We see ourselves as an extension of your team, working to deeply understand your culture, team, product, goals, and desired outcomes – and develop solutions that work to create diversity, equity, and inclusion for all.

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