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Tech Inclusion
Tech Inclusion Conference

Tech Inclusion Logo

Tech Inclusion Conferences, Career Fairs, and Startup Showcases.

Our tech inclusion conferences bring the entire tech ecosystem together – Education, Workplace, Entrepreneurship, and Policy – to:

  • Share best practices in diversity & inclusion
  • Build relationships with diverse tech talent
  • Demo inclusive & accessible products
  • Learn innovative & actionable solutions
  • Meet diverse entrepreneurs & investors
  • Collaborate with policymakers & educators
  • Network with diverse people who care about creating change in the tech ecosystem

Our Tech Inclusion Career Fairs connect diverse talent with inclusive tech companies. Additionally, our Tech Inclusion Community platform connects diverse talent to job opportunities in tech companies beyond the Career Fairs. Our Startup Showcases provides startup resources for high potential diverse entrepreneurs and puts them in front of key investors on the main stage.

Learn more about Tech Inclusion Events



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Foundation Partner Network

Foundation Partner Network 2017

Change Catalyst is driving global impact for  diversity & inclusion in tech.

Join our 2017 foundation partner network and show the world – and your employees – that you are committed to diversity and inclusion!

  • Learn best practices for bringing diversity & inclusion to your teams
  • Receive quarterly federal and state policy updates
  • Gain what you need to know to go beyond compliance to inclusion
  • Learn innovative & actionable solutions to implement in your company
  • Access a growing pipeline of diverse professionals
  • Receive on-going training and certification
  • Collaborate with policymakers, CEO’s and more
  • Align your brand with a global inclusive audience at Tech Inclusion events around the world
  • deepen ecosystem-level impact for tech entrepreneurs
  • Scale to multi-city events globally at Tech Hubs
  • Develop online toolkits & best practices for long-term action

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Consulting, Training & Workshops

What we do

Organizational culture can develop both organically and with intentionality. Making diversity and inclusive an integral part of that evolution, requires organizations to be introspective, leading these efforts with inclusion as a part of its business strategy. Whether at the infancy of developing a D&I strategy or seeking ways to expand or implement an inclusion plan…. We can help!


Tech Inclusion consulting services provide leaders an opportunity to identify areas for improvement, gain perspective on benefits of creating inclusive ecosystems and track benchmarks against D&I goals. Consultants assist in creating a customized framework for recruiting, retaining and promoting underrepresented groups. By understanding how diversity also benefits innovation, inclusion is not only a should have, it’s a must have in this fast changing global marketplace.


With a combined experience of more than 20+ years in tech, consulting, entrepreneurship and diversity and inclusion, contact the Tech Inclusion team to speak at your office or conference.

Contact Us About Consulting


About Change Catalyst

Change Catalyst empowers diverse, inclusive and sustainable tech innovation – through education, mentorship and funding.

Our Tech Inclusion programs explore and develop innovative solutions to tech diversity and inclusion. We partner with the tech community to solve diversity and inclusion together through conferences, career fairs, strategic consulting and training. Our work spans the full tech ecosystem, including: Education, Workplace, Entrepreneurship and Policy.

Our Change Catalyst Startup Fellows Program supports and showcases early stage underrepresented entrepreneurs. Our highly vetted early stage entrepreneurs receive funding opportunities, introductions to key investors, mentorship, curriculum, storytelling, networking opportunities, and more.

Change Catalyst is a Certified B Corp, winning the “Best for the World” award for community impact in 2014 and “Best in the World” overall in 2015. Learn more about how you can take part in the Change Catalyst programs by signing up for our newsletter.

Be A Catalyst

We’re looking for good changemakers to join our team of mentors, advisors and content makers. Change Catalyst and our International events are growing exponentially and we are actively recruiting volunteers to join and lead the movement within the SF and Silicon Valley areas as well as within your own communities. It’s easy to learn more about volunteer opportunities and the benefits of being a part of the change.



Melinda Briana Epler

Melinda Briana Epler

Founder & CEO

Melinda has more than 20 years of experience elevating brands and developing business innovation strategies for social entrepreneurs, mature social enterprises, Fortune 500 companies and global NGOs.

Wayne Sutton

Wayne Sutton

Co-Founder & CTO

In addition to mentoring and advising early stage startups, Wayne’s life goal is to educate entrepreneurs who are passionate about using technology to change the world.

Salem Kimble

Salem Kimble

Program Manager

Salem is passionate about technology, women leaders, and catalyzing change through in-person events, coordinating a number of events including Wisdom 2.0.



Community Manager

Ro is passionate about creating experiences and building community, bringing people together in meaningful ways by ensuring the message is relevant and compelling.

Jared Karol

Jared Karol

Lead Content Writer

Connecting people and ideas through the power of story. Coach, writer, editor, father, musician, inclusion advocate.

Elina Fahlgren

Elina Fahlgren

Startup Showcase Coordinator
Juliette Bouquerel

Juliette Bouquerel

Podcast Producer & Host

Social Creative Entrepreneur passionate about empowering people and organizations to share their voices.

Liva Neyroud Rajaonah

Liva Neyroud Rajaonah

HR Strategist

Enabling individuals and teams to grow into their greatness by working at the creative interconnection of people and systems, in HR, talent management, Organizational development, Coaching.

Earl Coleman

Earl Coleman

Partnerships Catalyst
Gabriel Scheer

Gabriel believes that increasing peoples' awareness of the value of diversity and inclusion is a key piece of healing some of today's most challenging rifts and building a better future for everyone.

Catalysts' Alumni Gallery

We would like to thank the following past Change Catalyst team members and community volunteers who have and continue to contribute their time and efforts to help transform the tech industry.


Erick Davidson

Erick Davidson

Gabriel Scheer

Gabriel Scheer

Susan Cooney

Susan Cooney

Sumayyah Emeh Edu

Sumayyah Emeh Edu

Sepideh Nasiri

Sepideh Nasiri

Laura Frey

Laura Frey

Not a volunteer yet, but want to learn more?

Startup Ecosystem

Our Ecosystem is Out of Balance


While 37% of entrepreneurs are women, and venture-backed women founders earn 12% higher revenues, just 2.7% of venture-backed companies are woman-led.

While ethnically-diverse teams outperform other teams by 35%, less than 2% of venture-backed companies are led by African-Americans or Latinos.

It makes business sense and it makes ethical sense to change this. Change Catalyst supports entrepreneurs who are underrepresented by gender, race, sexuality, disability, veteran status, age and geography.


The number of venture capital partners who are women has sadly gone down – from 10% in 1999 to 4% in 2015. The number of underrepresented minority investors is far too small.

Investors generally invest in people like them, so this is a problem for entrepreneurs as it continues to widen the opportunity gap. It also continues to widen the wealth gap in the United States as underrepresented people are not investing in high-growth innovation sectors.

Join Us.

Let’s change these disparities together.

Change Catalyst Startup Fellows Program

Our Change Catalyst Startup Fellows Program supports and showcases early stage underrepresented entrepreneurs. Our highly vetted early stage entrepreneurs receive funding opportunities, introductions to key investors, mentorship, curriculum, storytelling, networking opportunities, and more.

Funding Opportunities


We are growing our team, building our platform and hosting amazing events. If you would like to join or partner with an incredible team of changemakers, please let us know!

We'd love to hear from you.



44 Tehama St., San Francisco, CA 94105



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