When we support one another, we thrive together.
And when we thrive, we build better teams, products and companies.

Watch Melinda’s TED Talk!

It’s now live! View Change Catalyst Founder & CEO Melinda Briana Epler on stage at TED HQ discussing how anyone can be a great ally in the workplace.

Please share with anyone who might find it useful, have a team viewing and discussion, share it in your company’s internal blog or intranet. The more people out there with the tools to be a great ally, the better the world and our companies will be for everyone.

Speaking & Advising

Interested in scheduling Change Catalyst CEO Melinda Briana Epler to speak at your event? Contact us.

We advise governments, tech hubs and tech companies on how to build inclusive tech ecosystems, develop diversity and inclusion campaigns and design effective inclusion strategies around the globe. Find out more about our other services here.


Creating Inclusive Tech Hubs Toolkit
A six-part online toolkit publication for tech hubs to develop more inclusive cultures, programs, and spaces. The series, which includes six easy-to-follow videos plus corresponding resources, provides a comprehensive guide to help you implement the recommended strategies at local tech hubs around the world. Created by Change Catalyst and Google’s Women Techmakers.


More resources coming soon!

Leading With Empathy & Allyship Show

Join us each week for deep, real conversations about how we can all be more inclusive leaders in our workplaces and communities. In intimate conversations with advocates, activists, and allies, host Melinda Briana Epler provides a safe space to learn, build empathy for each other, and understand tangible actions we can all take.

Virtual Training, Consulting and Coaching Solutions

If you’re looking for a way for remote teams to continue their learning and professional development, we’re now offering virtual allyship, inclusion and leadership trainings. We’ve also continued our consulting practice virtually. AND we now offer hourly coaching. Let us know if you’re interested in learning more!

Leading With Empathy & Allyship Show on June 22, 12-1 pm PT.Join us live!
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