Building Inclusive Tech Ecosystems With
Tech Companies, Tech Hubs And Governments

We advise governments, tech hubs and
tech companies on how to build inclusive tech ecosystems, develop diversity and
inclusion campaigns and design effective inclusion strategies
around the globe.


We work with our clients to develop an Inclusion Roadmap for their companies, cities and tech hubs. We begin by engaging leadership and key stakeholders to align diversity goals with your overall strategy. We then gather current data, deploy surveys to collect additional data, conduct individual and group interviews and often facilitate design sessions with key stakeholder groups.


We work with your team to synthesize what we’ve learned and present preliminary findings and recommendations. Together we develop a Roadmap and engage leaders across your ecosystem to set team goals and commit to specific actions that lead to change.

Roundtables & Stakeholder Engagement

We are conveners and facilitators. Sometimes change begins by convening smart people to come up with out of the box solutions. We work with you to bring stakeholders to the table, facilitate safe and open dialog, and stir up new ideas through creative design thinking strategies.

  • This works well with recruiting teams, for example: mapping your current processes, analyzing them and looking for areas to improve for underrepresented candidates.
  • Often this is the best place for Executive teams to begin. When they are just starting to think about diversity and inclusion, a knowledgeable facilitator can guide them to a mutual understanding of their current state and key goals for change.
  • Also at the ecosystem level: Investor convenings, ecosystem builder roundtables, diversity advocate roundtables, and many others.

We’ll work with you ahead of time to identify key goals for the meeting and design the flow in a way that feels good and achieves desired outcomes. We’ll synthesize the results into a report, memo or other artifact we choose together.

Training & Professional Development

We design training and professional development opportunities for tech leaders, diversity and inclusion advocates, educators, government organizations, tech companies, tech hubs, founders, investors and ecosystem builders. We have some out of the box solutions, but also are happy to develop a custom solution for your unique needs.

Additionally, we provide professional development services for diversity and inclusion practitioners – advising and coaching them on diversity and inclusion strategies and broadening their skillsets.

  • Creating Inclusive Startups
  • Diversity and Inclusion Foundations
  • Leading with Empathy
  • Building Inclusive Startup Ecosystems
  • Creating Inclusive Events
  • How to Be a Good Ally
  • Coaching for Diversity and Inclusion Managers and Directors
  • Developing Inclusive Recruiting Strategies


Stories move us to action. When we see it, we can be it. Stories touch us on an emotional level, and also activate our intellectual curiosity. Good culture and behavior change campaigns require good storytelling.

Our storytelling offerings include:

  • Developing storytelling campaigns to activate culture and behavior change. Stories can build empathy across cultures and ideologies. Stories can be conversation starters across local ecosystems or international companies. Stories can change how current staff and new candidates see your brand and understand your plan for greater diversity and inclusion.
  • Working with you to develop your company or organization’s story around diversity and inclusion.
  • Developing campaigns to tell the stories of diverse innovators and inclusive leaders.


We work to build your team’s capacity to create and sustain change. In addition to our training, we also develop toolkits for organizations to follow in building inclusive programs, processes, events and engagement.

  • Creating inclusive events
  • Supply chain diversity survey and checklist
  • Inclusive language basics
  • Building inclusive startups
  • Creating inclusive startup programs
  • Developing inclusive incubators
  • Convening inclusive meetings
  • Diverse recruiting toolkits
  • Custom solutions


Change Catalyst founders Melinda Briana Epler and Wayne Sutton have spoken on hundreds of stages across the US and internationally. We speak on Allyship, Empathy, Entrepreneurship, Underrepresented Entrepreneurs, Women Founders, Women in Tech, Black in Tech, Inclusion for All, Behavior Change, and more.


We convene the tech industry to focus on solutions to diversity and inclusion. We have worked with partners to bring our Tech Inclusion events to new cities and ecosystems, and to develop Summits and Roundtables bringing key stakeholders together to collaborate in creating change.

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