Creating Inclusive Tech Hubs Toolkit Part 2: Measurement And Accountability Guide
Series Created by Change Catalyst and Sponsored by Women Techmakers

Welcome to Part 2 of this series: “Measurement and Accountability,” providing advice, tools and actionable steps for leaders to lead on inclusion. Watch the video to learn about Measurement and Accountability, then explore deeper content in the PDF.

Part 2: Measurement And Accountability Guide
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Toolkits: Creating Inclusive Tech Hubs Series

“Creating Inclusive Tech Hubs” is a six-part series focused on helping tech hub leaders develop more inclusive cultures, programs, and spaces. The series, which includes six easy-to-follow videos plus corresponding resources, provides a comprehensive guide to help you implement the recommended strategies at local tech hubs around the world.

Part 1

Inclusive Tech Hubs: the Key to Future Innovation

Part 2

Measurement And Accountability Guide

Part 3

The Role Of Leadership In Diversity And Inclusion

Part 4

Creating An Inclusive Culture

Part 5

Expanding Your Diversity Goals Through External Programs

Part 6

Part 6: Creating Inclusive Physical Spaces

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