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Created by Change Catalyst, Tech Inclusion events bring the local tech industry together to drive solutions to diversity and inclusion: executives, hiring managers, human resources, data scientists, engineers, educators, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and diversity and inclusion advocates.

We discuss the current state of diversity and inclusion and we focus on solutions: what’s working now, what else is needed, and how each of us can contribute to developing a more inclusive tech economy. Solutions we explore include inclusive and accessible products, company culture change, diverse hiring and increasing the diversity of the talent pipeline, inclusive startups and venture capital, policy and advocacy, artificial intelligence and the future of technology …. and more.

There is no other event like this. Tech Inclusion is where people connect and collaborate with others who care, deepen their understanding of the issues, and take away solutions to implement immediately.

Whether you’ve been working on diversity for years or this is brand new to you, you’ll find solutions here.

Melinda and Wayne Opening Tech Inclusion Conference
Tech Inclusion 2019 Events

One- to three-day events where attendees learn new solutions to diversity and inclusion, meet underrepresented entrepreneurs and investors, speak with policymakers and educators, interact with inclusive and accessible design, plus collaborate and network with other people who care about creating positive change in tech. Solo talks, panel discussions, fireside chats and workshops.

Key Outcomes: professional development; practical, actionable learning; experience an inclusive tech environment; collaborations…


Three or four-hour events designed to bring the tech community together to focus on solutions to diversity and inclusion in the local tech ecosystem. We look for local partners to host these key solutions-focused events. Panel discussion, facilitated town hall and group breakout sessions lead the community toward solutions around policy, workplace, education, entrepreneurship and ecosystem. After the event we’ll release a City Report publishing the key findings from the event.

Key Outcomes: practical, actionable steps for the community; commitments across the industry; inclusive tech environment; collaborations…

Career Fair (San Francisco)

Our unique career fair connects diverse talent with tech companies who care about diversity. Companies meet diverse, talented engineers, data scientists, marketers, project managers and more. Candidates meet leading tech companies, investment firms and schools – plus have access to resume workshops, career coaching and professional headshots.

Key Outcomes: access to our highly diverse tech talent pipeline; recruiting team experiences a diverse and inclusive tech event; non-stop discussions & stacks of resumes from diverse talent.

2019 Topics

We’ll learn from diverse engineers building AI technology that solves global crises, augmented reality that bridges cultural divides, culture change initiatives that move teams to thrive as their best selves, angel and VC investment strategies that build generational wealth and a better world, public-private partnerships that erase digital divides and boost struggling local economies, children building new ways of tackling problems we haven’t yet solved, stories that can change the perception of a generation.”

September 11-12, 2019
Tech Inclusion San Francisco
5th Year Anniversay
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Fall 2018
Tech Inclusion London

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Fall 2018
Tech Inclusion DC

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