Victoria Toney-Robinson

Director of Training and Consulting

Victoria Toney-Robinson has more than 16 years of experience leading content, marketing, and education programs for tech and media companies.

The British Council selected Victoria as a member of their Transatlantic Network 2020 and acknowledged her as a leader in building resilience in communities for her empowerment work and political activism. She is a founding member of the Black European Women’s Council and representative for the Black community of Hamburg in the city’s Integration Council.

She has published 4 books and contributed essays, articles and poetry to various anthologies, magazines, and other publications in Germany, Canada and the US.

Victoria writes, lectures, and facilitates workshops about empowerment, media representation, cultural phenomena, intersectionality, and how all of those topics can play together to create thriving and sustainable ventures.

At Change Catalyst she focuses on Training and Consulting programs to work towards equity, inclusion and justice for everybody in the tech sector.

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