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How To Use Empathy To Create Change In The Workplace
With Kate Johnson


06 Oct: Keys to Increasing Women Investors

What happens when five extremely smart and savvy female entrepreneurs sit down to discuss about women and impact investment? At the Tech Inclusion Conference 2015, we did just that by bringing a Women Investor Panel to the Main Stage. Together, they tackled the greatest challenge women entrepreneurs face today. How do we increase the number of women investors? Sepideh Nasiri, Serial entrepreneur & Startup Advisor, frames the issue by asking, ”Why should we care? Why does it…


08 Sep: The Mommy Pod Is Coming to Tech Inclusion!

Working While Female: The Nursing Mom Edition Guest post by Tina Lee crossposted at Tech Inclusion Yes, this is kind of a rant. Because we have a real problem. And at the end of this post you’ll find an invitation to participate in an experiment that might help working women who breastfeed their babies at professional conferences. Here’s You, Indulging Me: Why This Matters Fact 1: Breastfeeding is one of the best things a mother…