11 Feb: Announcing a Powerful New Partnership in Tech: Tech Inclusion & Google For Entrepreneurs

In mid-2014, Wayne Sutton and I had an idea to bring people together in the tech industry to really help move diversity and inclusion forward. After nearly a year of building relationships, mapping the tech ecosystem, and working on curriculum that could help move the needle – we hosted our first conference and career fair. It was more popular – and more effective – than we could have dreamed! The two-day two-track conference and career…

On stage at H3
24 Jan: How to Combat Impostor Syndrome

Originally posted on Medium – follow Melinda on Medium here. Written two hours before my keynote at the H3 Conference in Puerto Rico on November 20, 2015: Impostor Syndrome is real. Here I am, having worked on social entrepreneurship and changing the world my whole life. And yet when I prepare to speak about it I still worry that people will see through me, that I’m not an expert, that it should be someone else…

Becoming an Ally for Diversity
11 Nov: Tech Inclusion 2015 Workshop Spotlight: The Road to Allyship in the Workplace

A packed audience filled the house for the “Becoming an Ally for Diversity Workshop” on the first day of the Tech Inclusion Conference 2015. Why was this session drawing such a crowd? For the very important issue that touches all of us in our workplace and social fabric. The question on the minds of attendees was…how can we move towards equity? To better understand the current challenges, Danielle DeRuiter-Williams, CEO of The Justice Collective, provided…

06 Oct: Keys to Increasing Women Investors

What happens when five extremely smart and savvy female entrepreneurs sit down to discuss about women and impact investment? At the Tech Inclusion Conference 2015, we did just that by bringing a Women Investor Panel to the Main Stage. Together, they tackled the greatest challenge women entrepreneurs face today. How do we increase the number of women investors? Sepideh Nasiri, Serial entrepreneur & Startup Advisor, frames the issue by asking, ”Why should we care? Why does it…

30 Sep: Today’s Leaders: Youth in STEM

Did you know that African-Americans and Latinos make up only 3-5% of the technology workforce, while white employees make up 71% of leadership, according to data aggregated by Silk? Or that women only represent 28% of workers in science and engineering, even though they make up nearly half of college-educated workers according to the National Science Board? The number of women with computer science degrees was actually rising until 1984, where it plummeted. The data speaks for…

08 Sep: The Mommy Pod Is Coming to Tech Inclusion!

Working While Female: The Nursing Mom Edition Guest post by Tina Lee crossposted at Tech Inclusion Yes, this is kind of a rant. Because we have a real problem. And at the end of this post you’ll find an invitation to participate in an experiment that might help working women who breastfeed their babies at professional conferences. Here’s You, Indulging Me: Why This Matters Fact 1: Breastfeeding is one of the best things a mother…

21 Jul: Impact Investing Resources

I was putting together a resource list for people to learn more about impact investing after our informative event “Changemakers: Investing in Change,” when Lauren Booker Allen from Omidyar Network sent me this amazing resource. The following list is published here with Omidyar’s permission. Guides/Case Studies Short Guide to Impact Investing, The Case Foundation (2014) Impact Investing: A Primer for Family Offices, World Economic Forum (2014) Navigating the Territory: A Guide to Impact Investing for Donors, The…

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