Tech Inclusion Solution: Day 53: Create Shared Understanding & Accountability For Inclusion In Tech

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100 Solutions to Diversity and Inclusion in tech.

Since the inaugural Tech Inclusion Conference in 2015 we have received and granted over 100+ scholarship applications to attendees. For each scholarship application we ask one simple question “What solutions would you like to see for diversity and inclusion in tech?” Below is a series leading up to the 2016 Tech Inclusion Conference of “100+ Solutions to Diversity and Inclusion in tech”. The Theme for Tech Inclusion 2016 Conference is Inclusive and Sustainable Innovation and will be held October 26th — 27th at the Innovation Hangar in San Francisco. Tech Inclusion Conference is presented by Google for Entrepreneurs. The conference will feature a career fair, a startup showcase and an tech innovation demo hall. Early Bird tickets are on sale now.

Solution: More Questions Than Answers To Create A Shared Understanding & Accountability For Inclusion In Tech

As lack of diversity in technology has increasingly become featured in mainstream media, leading technology companies have been under the microscope for both diversity and inclusion. Some have started by sharing their employee demographic data. Others have created ‘safe spaces’ or encouraged dialogue on issues of race like supporting Black Lives Matter movements. All of this is great and represents progress in many ways.

That said, I feel as if as an industry, we are lacking both shared understanding of DEI and also accountability for DEI. Being a diverse organization goes beyond recruiting and at any time having 8% Black staff. It’s true that diverse organizations begin with diverse pipelines of candidates. I applaud efforts like Code2040 that work on college pipeline development but we also need to think about early entries from middle school. I also think we need to consider each function or team of an organization as requiring diversity. If all of your black and brown folks are in HR, then your organization is losing the chance to benefit from true diversity. I think we need to solve for inclusion.

Once employees of low SES or of multiple races arrive at your company, how do you keep them there? How do you promote and develop them as individuals both personally and professionally? We need to solve for increased diverse leadership. How are tech companies thinking about diversifying their board for instance? Then we need to develop accountability. What are our goals as a company? As an industry? We need to solve for the steps to get us there. We need to solve for moving from abstract to implementable.

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